Buffed the Morth

Who can't wait Loopy PP as well?

Hello, we are introducing some extra measurement for Taiko PP in here, while waiting for the long-awaited non morth-esque PP.

Please take a note that those values are based on the map scroll values. For example, __A super slow map__ will have HD heavy buff and HR penalty instead. However, for __maps that scrolls very quick__, they will have both high HD and HR buffs.

Also, some recent addition in order to normalize the “Top PP” across modes, Morth Taiko PP now buffed for any maps beyond 3-stars. Also noting that maps beyond 7-stars now yield double the worth of what it should be. Except, it’s not a linear gain.

So, what are you waiting for?


HD mod buffed too high.

Hence why reading map now focused for any maps under 140BPM. Otherwise HD will overpower HR on high scroll maps. Tested now on 210BPM main where HR buffed hard than HD, but 140BPM main have HR nerfed even than NM. This balance is considered to punish HR usage over slow maps.

“Repetition” Adjustment

Nerfs the penalty towards repetition. This also affect star rating internally. So for any star rating-based achievement on Taiko, please consult to the developers regarding for this. We will try to make it updated.

EM can be a better mod than NM

Easy so far being punished for leniency of timing window, yet it’s a thing where using Easy can obscure the sense of hitting the notes. Tested upon certain 95BPM map, EM now yields better than NM. It’s not an easy thing to adjust with HR though.