You want to support datenshi? yeah sure you can, we are appreciate any support for this community, you will got some perks if you already donating.

osu! perks / month

Donat (IDR 20.000 / $2)

- Change Username Unlimited
- Change Clan Name Unlimited (Leader only)
- RGB Username (Web)
- Yellow Username (In-Game)
- Clan Background (Leader only)
- Donations Roles (Discord)
- Donations Badges (Web)
- Access Beatmap Request Channels (Discord)
- Access VIP Channels (Discord)

Minecraft perks / month

Currently VIP rank will not have a discord roles, it will added in the next tier list.

VIP Rank (IDR 20.000 / $2)

- Extra chat features
- Access to /nick command 
- Increased the amount of /sethome up to 3
- Increased the amount of /rp claim up to 5 claims
- Increased the amount of block limits you can claim with /rp claim up to 4500 blocks (before 2700 blocks)
- Adds $5.000 balance to your account once
- Gives you a Donat Crate Key & 3 Vote Crate Keys

Donation Platforms

Remember that we are not responsible for donations that is not done on platform we support.

Discord Confirmations

  • Go to our discord!
  • If you dont have any roles, take it on #get-roles channels, if you already have the roles, you can skip this step.
  • Go to Support category, and choose osu or minecraft, then make a ticket.


  • Screenshot your invoice and send to the channel with mentioning a staff like this


  • Then wait for the staff to give you the perks and enjoy!